Mad Keen team member Aaron (AKA the Team Joker) is preparing for the exclusive upcoming fishing competition Kakadu Barra Klash that is taking place from March 21st – March 24th in Kakadu, Northern Territory. Aaron is no stranger to fishing competitions however; it wasn’t until last year when he was first invited to compete in two exclusive competitions in NT that him and his team have become a force to be reckoned with. The invitation to compete both last year’s competition and this year’s means a lot to Aaron,

“It means a lot to me because in the competitions eyes I am seen in high enough regard to receive an invite”

IMG_4392-768x576Last year Aaron and Team Joker placed 15th in the mixed team division and are now preparing for the 2018 Kakadu Klash with their sights set on a win by putting in place all that they have learnt in last year’s competition.

Aaron is taking a different angle for preparing for this year’s Kakadu Klash. Instead of fishing the south alligator to get to know the area and any hot spots he has decided against it,

“It might be good or bad, but my reasoning is that people get caught up in where they caught fish last week or a month ago, and with Barra because they were at that spot last time you fished doesn’t mean they will be there the next”.

Instead Aaron has been watching and hearing different reports on the area and this year the river is different with a lot of run off pouring into the rive down stream – opening up where the bigger fish will be. But like any competition Aaron has to have a game plan and lures will be a major consideration for him.

IMG_4395-768x576Aaron’s love for entering fishing competitions doesn’t just come from the desire to win. Instead loves the vibe of the competition with all of the other competitor and see’s it as a way to meet so many like minded anglers that enjoy fishing as much as him. He also loves working apart of his team where they can work together to create a plan of attack each day.

Mad Keen wants to wish Aaron and Team Joker the best of luck on this week’s competition! We know they’ll absolutely smash it!

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The Kakadu Klash Preparation