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I became a mad keen angler fishing with my dad at quite a young age.
Growing up on the mid north coast of NSW there was a huge diversity of species to target, and as soon as
I was old enough to get a boat licence I had my first boat and was out there chasing.
The passion only grew as I got older.
Moving around with work kept me interested as I got to target many different salt and fresh water species.
When I finally moved back to the coast I became Keen to refine my ability to catch quality fish consistently.
I started fishing bream tournaments to learn just this, spending time with some of Australia’s finest bream fisherman.
Eager to learn the secret to success and consistency, I have learned that it is a never ending journey.
Each trip brings a new location, new techniques and a new lesson.
In essence it has become an obsession.
My goal, if nothing else, is to inspire that same obsession in my children, and hopefully share some of what I learned with others.
Paul Langley