Mad Keen team member Jonathan Chen is heading to the states to fish the mass masters open. We caught up with him before he left! Check out our interview with him below;

Where are you heading? 

I’m heading to up state New York to lake Champlain to fish a bass master open as a non boater. This was the prize from winning the bass Australia Nations Kayak championships last year.


What do you do to prepare for a competition in an area you’ve never fished before?

I like to prepare by looking at google maps and online resources like c-map genesis social maps that give you the contours of the lake. I also read previous tournament results and watch previous events on YouTube.


What do you think the main differences will be catching bass in Australia vs America?
36291408_2155028077859244_2301603004614180864_nThe biggest difference between Australia bass and the American species is that they spawn differently and American bass are targeted sometimes depending on stages that the bass are on such as prespawn when the bass are feeding up before moving onto a bed where they can be territorial when guarding their offspring. In america they use a lot of different techniques which I am looking forward to learning and hopefully bring those techniques back to Australia.


What’s your top tip for catching Bass?

My top tip for Australian bass in impoundments is to have a good sounder and find those large schools of active bass.

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Jonathan taking on the states….