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From a very young age my parents and grandparents would take me out fishing almost every weekend. I have photos of me as a child being placed in the middle of the wharf holding a rod. Most of my childhood was spent bait fishing at wharfs and rock walls. I first started land base lure fishing on the local lakes and rivers for Golden Perch, Murray Cod and Redfin in the ACT. In 2007 I purchased my first Kayak, a Hobie Revolution. The kayak has given me the freedom to fish with my hands whilst still being able to move with ease through the water. The kayak also has given me the opportunity to get into areas that are not easily accessible by boat or foot and target fish that may not have seen a lure before. In 2008 I entered my first ABT Bream Kayak Fishing comp. Tournament kayak fishing has given me the motivation and opportunity to fish new locations, and not just in Australia. I have been lucky enough to travel and compete in kayak fishing tournaments in China (2014 and 2016) and the Netherlands (2014). I have learnt a lot about the mental side of how to catch Bream and Bass consistently, however, I am still learning new things to this day. I’m as Mad Keen as it gets when it comes to fishing and have a rod with me wherever I go, whether that be in Central Park in New York, or for a fish after work here in the ACT. The excitement of how you could land the fish of a lifetime or win a championship keeps me reeling for just one more cast, every time.


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Jonathan Chen