I’ve grown up fishing all my life, from a little kid on the boat with the old man all the way up to today. Landing my first meter plus kingfish at 5 I was hooked and mad keen from then on. From there the passion has only grown and diversified to new challenges and species. Always looking for adventure and a new challenge to complete.

My fishing has taken me to many amazing places and I still fail to not be surprised at some of the places I get to see. My fishing style is broad, being both a lure and fly fisher, I am sure to get a line in the sea, river or lake. Based in Adelaide but also being a New Zealand expat, my fishing takes me between the two countries often. And my social media is lit up with the adventures that follow. Having an interest in video as well as fishing most of my trips are filmed and shared on YouTube in a cinematic style with a hint of vlog and POV. Brandishing the mad keen gear I never need to worry about appearances. 

I have several favourite styles of fishing but to list my top five fishing types I would have to say: 

  1. Shallow water kingfish
  2. Fly-fishing NZ trout in rivers
  3. Stalking carp on the flats on fly
  4. Chasing golden Perch in the snags
  5. Sneaking up on mulloway in the mangroves

Fishing continues to play a large part of my life, and the adventure is just beginning. 

John Walkley