Mad Keen about Australia’s most iconic sports fish “The mighty Barramundi” best sums up this enthusiastic fisherman. Check out some of my captures and you will see why I am so hooked on them….

My Dad introduced me to fishing from a very young age of about 3 and during my younger years honed my skills catching bread and butter species every school holiday or long weekend before turning my attention to Barra.

During my late teenage years is when I really cut my teeth on saltwater Barra, initially using live bait before turning my attention to artificial use. Back then I was a poor uni student that couldn’t afford to buy lures so I instead made my own hand crafted wooden lures and had some success. They were the days.

Fast forward 20 odd years and I have experienced many different types and styles of fishing. All of them I have enjoyed and continue to do so, but my attention and passion can never be turned from the mighty Barra. For the past 7 years with the stocking programs in our local dams, it has enabled me to focus on the freshwater variety as well and only just recently commence tournament fishing. My biggest barra to date in our dams is a 127cm beast with an estimated weight of around the 80lb mark in old scale. I am still working on obtaining a saltwater version of those proportions with a goal of cracking the magic 120cm mark in 2017. Watch this space….

Jamie Sleeman