Early knock of work means load car and off I was for a late afternoon rock fishing. managed to hit the spot about 3pm once I was there quickly rigged up getting to start bottom bashing. started off very dead with only little bites but wasn’t going to give up casting my half pilchard on a 6/0 Blackmagic c point was only a matter of time I got a big hook up.

Time goes by with still nothing on the rock starting to loose my hope getting dark quickly. wasn’t look after (bite bang¬†on) screaming drag massive head shakes I knew from the start I have hooked a massive pink snapper quick short runs and big head shakes the nerves started to kick in. All I wanted to do was land this fish but knowing I couldn’t pull hard due to only having 40lb main line and 80lb Blackmagic supple trace leader wasn’t long and the fish surfaced seeing my by far personal best land base pink snapper wasn’t long before mate dan managed to land a good gaff shot and pulled it up I noticed how big it really was. going over 1m and 13kg.

stocked to get a personal best pink snapper to top it off landbase to!!!!

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Snapper of a life time