Rules: 1- All entrants must complete a Registration Form and placed in the respective Fish Species Barrel. 2- Entry is by $5.00 Donation per Fish with all proceeds going to LIFEFLIGHT. 3- Weigh-ins to be conducted daily @ 8:30am- 7:30pm on the Deck outside the Bar Area located at Fraser Island Retreat. No late entries will be accepted. Please note:- weigh-in times may vary due tidal condition 4- All Fish presented for Weigh-in MUST be cleaned (GUTTED) and in “fresh” condition. Any fish considered to have been frozen will be deemed ineligible. 5- Five categories of fish are included in the 2017 Weigh-In, these being Tailor, Whiting, Dart, Bream/Tarwhine and our new addition “Catch & Release” (Photograph & Tag ID Required) 6- All anglers taking part in the “Weigh-In” shall observe QLD Fisheries Regulations governing fish sizes and bag limits. 7- Fish presented for the Weigh-In must be caught on rod and reel or hand-line NO NETS OR SPEARED FISH. 8- In the interest of “fair play” the 4th Annual Fraser Island Tailor Season Weigh-In” is not open to Commercial or Professional Fisherpersons. 9- The Organizers or Sponsors accept no liability for any injury or damage to any person or persons in the course of taking part in “The 4th Fraser Island Tailor Season Weigh-In 2017” 10- Any angler taking part in the “Weigh-In” not complying with any of the “Rules and Regulations” will be considered ineligible for any prize. 11- Ten Weekly Prize Draws for each category will be drawn from a Barrel each Friday Night commencing 4th August 2017 after that week’s final weigh-in. Final Prize Draw will be on 06th October 2017. 12- All Entries will be eligible for Major Prize Draws on final day of Weigh-in (06th October 2017) All prizes awarded throughout the “Weigh-In” are given in good faith and are subject to manufacturers or suppliers conditions. The Fraser Island Retreat and any of its Staff cannot be held liable. ALL MONIES RAISED THROUGHOUT THIS EVENT INCLUDING RAFFLES ARE TO BE DISTRIBUTED TO THE RACQ LIFEFLIGHT RESCUE HELICOPTER RESCUE SERVICE REGISTERED CHARITY NUMBER 1179 More info