Who says fish don’t eat on westerly winds. We finally got out in the Haines and what a cracker day we had. We went out to a spot we had found one day when we pulled up for a pee stop about 50km from the harbour. As soon as we idled onto the mark the sounder lit up as always here. It is dead flat bottom but the fish are always on the mark.

I prefer to drift out in the channel, first drift Corey got a nice grunter on a explorer jig . Than it was quite for hours just small large and small mouth nannygai. But we persisted and kept drifting over the fish all day until they ate. All it takes is to be patient and wait for bite periods like moon rise/set, tide changes.

We stayed at this mark all day and had a few active feeding periods through out the day where the bugger fish came out to play. What a great Father’s Day 👍




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Father’s day with Fahl’s