“Mad Keen…. I can’t think of a better phrase to describe how I feel about fishing! I’ve been a passionate angler for as long as I can remember, and practice catch and release as often as possible – although I like a feed of fish as much as the next man! My first experience with an Australian species came nearly two decades ago (hailing from the U.K. originally) when I was summarily handed my proverbial by a good sized barra. From that point on I’ve been for lack of a better word – obsessed! In 2011 I had my first article published and again that spawned a deep desire to write and share my adventures with the angling world at large. That turned out to be the key that opened the door to the tackle industry for me, going from strength to strength and for a four year stint I wrote a tackle testing column for a prominent Queensland publication. Today, I find myself as mad and as keen as ever, situated in the Burdekin delta with a wide and exciting list of target species in both fresh and salt, still writing (but also online now with the rapid rise of social media), and affiliated with an amazing group of companies who’s products and support make me the angler I am today. The future definitely looks bright……now I just need a bigger boat!”
Cliff Mann
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