Last weekend Mad Keen team member Craig Wise competed in the Bream Hunters Classic in Wester Australia. After a tough competition trying to snag good sized Bream, Craig and his mate Didz placed in 6th place with 4 fish weighing a total of 1.865kg, with only a difference of 110g into the top 5.

We caught up with Craig post competition and got the low down on the event and what happened. Check it out below!


Setting off for the competition, Craig and his mate, Didz had pre targeted a couple of key points where they thought they had the best chance on snagging a couple of big ones.

Their first sport was a successful find as the pair were protected by strong easterly winds – a rising tide also allowed them to move to the flats where they were able to snag a couple of smaller fish. Craig managed to catch the team’s first fish of the day, a good-sized Bream of 32cms. To catch this fish Craig used a Zman Gudgeon 2.5cm match with TT headlocks 2H by flicking the placcy into snags and slowly working the edges off. At the same spot Didz managed to catch a healthy 28cm Bream.

They decided to move on from their first spot to find some larger catches for their competition. However were unlucky to catch anything in their other spots.Xng4vW9y2bWz8_Xng4vW9y2bWz_high-01

“In hindsight I would have spent more time fishing around where we were first thing in the morning where we caught our first 2 fish as it was protected by the wind and it seemed the fish were holding up in that area well”

The pair then decided to head to Didz’s secret hotspot, lets call it spot X. Spot X proved to be a good choice for the two as they managed to secure their 3rd Bream at solid 30cm. Moving away from Spot X the team hit up Garrett Road Bridge in hopes of securing their 4th Bream. With 10 minutes to go in the competition the two managed to catch their final fish – a 34cm bream. They did this by working their plastics over every bit of ground they could – right back to the boat.

“A solid fish hit me like no tomorrow. It leapt out of the water and I actually screamed out it’s a Cod because it was that black! But when it got close to the boat I saw it was a solid Bream. Didz netted a big ‘YEW’ which could be heard by every boat within 500m”

Returning to the shore the feeling was mutual amongst all competitors ‘nothing exciting in our bag’. Craig wasn’t expecting to place in the top 20 let along the top 10 but to his surprise him and Dadz placed 6th which they were extremely stoked with. As Craig said the conditions were far from ideal,

20180311_180858-01“It was blowing a 30knot easterly which made it difficult to keep the boat in the best position. Bream can be very fussy as well so when we were using lures, the wind was making it harder to keep the lure in the strike zone long enough. At the end of the day everyone was competing in the same conditions and in a competition like this this where the experienced anglers really come forward.”

Overall Craig had a great day despite sun burn and sore feet. He was kept warm in the morning in his MK #justonemorecast hoody and his shoulders and arms were kept sunburn free thanks to his MK sublimated camo quick dry polo! As Craig believes,

“If you’re an angler and spend hours on the water, good protective and comfortable clothing is just as important as your fishing gear.”


You can check out Craig’s fishing page here -> 

Bream Hunters Classic Wrap Up