Well, what tough day on the water for all the competitors in @Getaway Outdoors WA Bream Classic, JML Anglers alliance Round 2 Mandurah. Despite the trying conditions there was an impressive field of 26 boats.  Shane Owens and Graeme Kovacevich  took out first place with a hefty bag of 4 bream at 4.290kg, and the big bream prize with a solid 1.070kg.  Congratulations boyz

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 10.37.14 am2nd place went to team Lowrance/Tackle tactics with 4 fish at 2.640kg

3rd place bream brothers with 4 fish at 2.240kg

4th place Team JML with 4 fish at 2.180kg

5th place Sexual Chocolate with 4 fish at 2.050kg

Didier Blanquart and myself finished 15th with 2 fish at 1.330kg

We had a plan to go up stream passed the power lines, stopping at a few spots that normally hold fish and hoping we could get a few in the well before we went right up stream. Our first stop was the Ravenswood bridge and with our first couple of casts Didz was on to what appeared to be a solid bream, but after a good fight our joy turned to disappointment as a small soapie was netted.  We didn’t hang around long and moved to a few more promising spots with no luck. We decided to stick to our plan and head to our destination up stream.

As we arrived at spot x there where 4-5 boats with the same idea, so we pushed up a bit further for an hour with no luck. After a few torrential down pours, we started to work our way back and tried to find where the fish where holding, which was proving difficult.

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 10.35.58 amFinally, we came across some steep banks with awesome looking snags which dropped down to 5m off which were holding fish. Didz put in the perfect cast right in a snag and bang fish on. With Didz trade mark call “this is a good one get the net” I casually grabbed the net and watched his rod fully load up on a solid bream. As the fish came up to the surface with a big boil close to the snag the fish made a final plunge to the snag. Then Didz plastic flew back to the boat. We looked at each other and Didz said “did you see that?” “Yeah mate that was the one!!”We kept working the area and not long after the missed opportunity Didz rod loaded up again for a split second before doing him over big time!! To say the big man was devastated was an understatement

After the disappointment of two missed opportunities it was time to move on and somehow get a fish in the well. As we worked our way back down stream, with still not much action, bang Didz hooked up again and fought a beautiful 34cm to the boat which was netted perfectly by myselfWith a few hi fives and a change of plastic to what Didz had on (Z-man slim swim bloodworm), our spirits rose a level or 2 and with an hour left anything was possible.

As we were still a fair way up stream we decided to head for the Ravenswood bridge for our last chance at redeeming ourselves. As we cruised to the bridge I looked into my bag of tricks and knew I had to try something different, as nothing had been working for me all day. Then I saw a packet of Samaki boom baits, 3” Forking Jerks UV whitebait which I rigged up on a 3gm zerek shrimp weedless jig head, which happen to be exactly how I felt about the fish “fork you fish”.  We worked around and through the bridge and then I saw the perfect opportunity to get a cast right along the pylons. I cast my plastic up against the current and gave it plenty of time to get to the bottom before a few quick flick and boom I was on to a nice 33cm bream, my first fish and mind you my first real hit for the day.  I was stoked!! It’s amazing how satisfying it is to get that one fish when you’ve worked so had all day. Thanks to my partner in crime for doing everything in his power to get me on to that fish. Cheers mate

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 10.35.26 am

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Bream Hunters Classic Round 2 Wrap Up