I started as a young kid camping by the river with my family bait fishing and casting Celtas in the rapids spooking more trout than catching them . As I grew older I discovered the east coast of Tassie and spent a fair amount of my weekend life camping anywhere I could there, diving 4wding and of course fishing. I caught my first decent bream as my daughters were splashing around the boat ramp on the swan river on a nipper that they had helped me collect (that was a while ago ) from there I started using soft plastics and that was my first mistake, it got me hooked on lures from then hardbody lures was the challenge took a lot of time to try and work out how a bream would hit one.Time on the water was the key I was fishing in a bream classic in the early days of our series I had a quintex bow rider and was using an auxiliary outboard as an electric, traveling in reverse using my foot to steer , cast on the shore and twitched the lure and waited and waited then bang my first black bream on a hardbody lure I had read so many thing and watched so many videos on catching bream on lures it wasn’t until it happened that it all made sense . Now I have a bass boat and electric on the front and have the same amount of fun on the water It all comes back to time on the water, looking around and soaking things in .. That bream comp is responsible for a lot of things, now I have a passion for tournament fishing not to win but challenge myself and most of all enjoy my time on the water, it’s all about the fun and the fish will come , if not it means I have to go again Mates4mates fishing day on the Derwent I am so. Fortunate to live in Tasmania the amount of fishing here is endless and you only have to travel about 2hrs and your onto fish whether it is bream, trout or offshore but you might have to travel through snow sometimes lol Arthur’s lake brown trout I look forward to sharing my trips out fish or no fish Cheers Sling
Shane Ling